The Montréal Construction Job Fair presents a wide-ranging program, including a trade demo area and conference space that will showcase the many attractive career opportunities in the industry, offering visitors a unique, immersive experience in the world of construction..

More details to come in the coming weeks.


10 a.m.    A Major Construction Projet : Science Complex,                                                    Université de Montréal

                 Keynote speaker :

                 Alain Boilard, ing., MBA, General Manager – MIL Campus                                     Development, Université de Montréal

11 a.m.   Behind the Scenes Tour : Samuel De Champlain                Bridge

              Keynote speakers :   

              David Agra, Site Coordinator – Highway                            Connections, and Benoît Chamontin, Advisor,                    Digital Communications and Mobility,                                Signature on the Saint Lawrence